How To Cut Your Cable Cord Tips

5 Easy Steps to Subscribe **


How To Cut Your Cable Cord & Fundraising Tips ***

You can help support Sky Lodge Christian Camp

+ maybe save some money too!

Disclosure: If you decide to subsribe to CUE Streaming 10% of your subscription will automatically be donated to Sky Lodge camp scholarship fund. Read more...

Thank You & God Bless!!

* CrossRoads-SkyLodge *

 "With over 2000 live channels, over 5000 movies and over 1000 TV series, on 5 devices at a time for $2/day. Cue by far is the best value in streaming services available today."
5 Easy Steps How To "Subscribe" To CUE **

1. Click the above CUE ISA Sponsor Icon and scroll down to watch the short video.

2. Verify your high speed internet is fast enough to stream to your TV.

Speed Test (>4Mbps minimum for HD video (>15Mbps to stream 4K*)

3. If you don't own an Amazon Fire Stick order one and install it. (<$50)

4. [Subscribe] and fill out your CUE "ACCOUNT INFO". ($59.99 per/mo) ****

Subscribe Example: " I am signing up under YOUR-SPONSOR "

NOTE: This information will be used to create your personalized site and LOGIN to access your "personal back office" using your email address after you click "PLACE ORDER".


FYI: IF you later decide that you would like to promote CUE as an Independent Sales Agent (ISA) you will choose a new unique "USERNAME". See Steps 1-3 below ****


5. You will receive a WELCOME email with detailed installation instructions.

-Download the PDF for simple steps w/ photos to install the CUE App onto your Fire TV Stick-


-This <3min VIDEO shows you how to download CUE App onto your Amazon Fire TV Stick-

* "Due to the high-quality nature of the content provided by CUE, an internet download speed of at least 50Mbps is recommended. A higher download speed allows for smoother streaming experiences across multiple devices simultaneously and provides a buffer for fluctuations in network performance."

NOTE: If your internet speed is too SLOW consider switching to a high speed 5G home internet service ( T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T ). It might cost you less money (as low as $35/mo) than your current cable or DSL bill! "Depending on the type of 5G home internet, speeds range anywhere from 25 Mbps to over 1000 Mbps."

FYI: Your distance from the tower & number of subscribers will also affect your speed but still usually faster and cheaper than cable!

***How to raise funds for yourself or your non profit

Learn how you can use the "CUE Fundraising Opportunity" for your organization or yourself. After you ENROLL/SUBSCRIBE then you can promote CUE as an Independent Sales Agent (ISA)

"CUE is a streaming platform unlike any other. We are dedicated to helping our communities and giving back any way we can. With our partnerships we donate 10% of each monthly subscription that organizations bring to CUE."

Click here to watch a short video to learn more...

***3 steps to raise funds for you or your non profit***

1. Click the ENROLL/SUBSCRIBE link and read & "agree to the terms of the ISA Agreement" before you click NEXT and fill out your application.

2. Choose a simple short ORGANIZATION NAME** that will become YOUR sponsor name...

Example: " You are enrolling under CROSSROADS-SKYLODGE "

3. Choose a SHORT unique 8 character (min & no spaces) USERNAME / SITE NAME which will be the name of your FREE mycuestreaming** promotion web page that you can post onto your personal social media page(s).


NOTE: This information will be used to create your personalized site and to access your "personal back office" after you click "PLACE ORDER".

** After you receive your WELCOME email from CUE you can click the link to:

LOGIN to your " online portal " to see & edit your account info

FYI. Your USERNAME can NOT be changed but if you decide to change your ORGANIZATION NAME or edit your contact info & pw go to: Backoffice/MyAccount

Welcome to the Cue Stream Family!

A Message From Your Sponsor

**** CrossRoads-SkyLodge ****

Funds raised will be donated to give camp more scholarships. We have also helped with adding sporting facilities, building roads, parking lots & other remodeling projects at Sky Lodge Christian Camp. Read more...

Be the mustard seed... Matthew 13:31-32

**** 10% of your monthly subscription will go to:

Sky Lodge Christian Camp

"Mission Statement"

"Utilizing its natural, God created setting, Sky Lodge Christian Camp, a ministry of the North Central Conference of the Free Methodist Church, exists to provide physical recreation, emotional renewal and spiritual restoration through camping activities blended with biblical principles and Christian values." Read more...

Thank You & God Bless!

Video how to earn income or fundraise

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